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Adrien Le Corbeau, The Forest Giant

[Le Gigantesque]

translated from the French
by T. E. Lawrence



To Professor Simon Duplay
of the Academy of Medicine

Accept the dedication, my dear and venerable friend, of my Forest Giant. I wish that all the affection I consecrate for you might shine here about your name. My pride swelled when you, in your excellent wisdom, honoured me by finding some merit in this work. You, dear master, whose life has been devoted to unravelling (with how much penetration!) the doubtful maze of life and death, are best qualified to appreciate the vague gleams with which we men endeavour to illuminate the hazards of our fate. The glowing words with which you saluted the reading of my book will never fade from my mind, but will take place with my memories of those enthralling meetings in your hospitable and simple home, where you with whisper or with rolling voice held in thrall your son Maurice and your most devoted friend.

A. Le C.


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