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Updated June 2012

T. E. Lawrence, Report 27 January 1918

[Arab Bulletin, 27 January 1918]

Among the recent converts to the akhwan sect are Feisal, Watban and Lafi, of the Dueish section of the Ateibah. Parts of the Doshan got religion some months ago. Feisal became converted shortly after he had left Sidi Abdullah's camp. He has already sold off his camels, and assumed the white 'imama'. It is thought that he will settle in Dukhna, the Akhwan village shared by the Ateibah and Harb, but Suman and Dahana are other Dueish Akhwan colonies, and he might prefer either of these. Of the Hejna Atban, Sheikhs Nijr and Turki have gone over to the new Wahabi movement, with Bijad abu Khusheim. Ghalib and Ali el-Himerzi, Naif el-Jithami and Naif el-Rueis are also converts, while Mohammed ibn Hindi is suspected. Ibn Shleiwi has refused to have anything to do with it.

The converted Muteir are mostly living at Artawiya, which seems likely to become one of the headquarters of the militant Akhwan. Ibn Skeiyan, Mohammed el-Hawamil, Dheihan el-Lafi, Azeir el-Sfeini (of the Hawamu), ibn Sbeiyil of Athia, Mohammed el-Mizeini (of el-Gereiyat) and Mohammed ibn Mijal of Nifi are prominant Muteiri converts.

Of the Harb, Nahis and Feisal el-Dhueibi, Dhaar el-Saada, Zeid el-Hilali and Thellab ibn Ali are adherents. Some of the Furm sub-chiefs are rumoured to have joined.

All the above have been converted since 1914.pp

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