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Updated July 2012

T. E. Lawrence to G. Wren Howard

Ozone Hotel


Dear Howard

Cape, they tell me, is half round the world: well, well. He will find his books there, too, I daresay.

I'm interested in three of your recents: the Yeates Winged Victory, first. How good that he did it in time. It is a very good book, and every R.A.F. mess has a copy. I advise everyone to get it, and hear nothing but praise of it. It would sell stoutly in the States, I think.

The Nesbitt Desert and Forest, second. That book has a benediction of old-fashioned decency over it. A classic of the XIXth Century written out of its time. It also I hear highly praised by all my friends.

The third is Cecil Gray's book on Heseltine. Does it go well; and how are the first two doing? Short of saying anything in print about them, I would do anything I could to help their sales. [9 lines omitted]

The sting is in the tail - and I, alas, am the stung. My Air Ministry chief wants a copy of Liddell Hart's book about me. Will you please send it to  Captain W.E. Beauforte Greenwood  Room 366  Air Ministry  Kingsway W.C.2.

That makes two copies I have had from you, for J.C. sent one, by request, to my mother in China. Will your office please render me the necessary account?

And may no other blitherer ever writer a book abut me till I'm dead, for heaven's sake.

I hope the firm has its head above the water, and that you are finding pleasurable things to do.



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Source: DG 840
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Last revised: 18 January 2006


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