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Updated July 2012

T. E. Lawrence to E. M. Forster

13 Birmingham Street


Dear E.M.F.

Got back from a coast-wise crawl in R.A.F. target boats to find two (amongst other) telegrams needing apology: one from you, suggesting a visit to S.S. with you present (Ah, if I could: company for heroes) and one from S.S. saying 'Come afterwards, if you like'.

Only, where is it? I should write to S.S. and say why I failed (for the best of reasons, surely, absence at sea) all I know is S.S. Heytesbury... but where is it, as post-towns go. Not far from Wylie, but that helps my bike, not my letter.

I hope you found him assured and glad? I'd like a line, if you can manage to put anything on paper about him.

I hear that heath fires are raging at Clouds Hill, and am sad and afraid for the little place. I've grown to love it, I fear. What fools we become!



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Source: DG 810-11
Checked: jw/
Last revised: 17 January 2006


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