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Updated July 2012

T. E. Lawrence to B. H. Liddell Hart

13 B'ham St.,


I was in London for a few hours yesterday: with Eliot and two Bow Street experts we interviewed [name omitted], my imposure, and persuaded him that he was not me. To my relief, he agreed at once. Had he stuck to his statements I should have begun to question myself.

I owe you many thanks for putting me on his track. He was a little worm of a man. The game has been going on for some time, and has extended from the Zoo to Ward Lock, the publishers. Comically enough, he has been under observation as a case by the specialists of a mental institution, still under my former name. We arranged for him to write to his various victims, and explain that there had been a personation. I am not flattered at the thought that he got away with it successfully. An obviously feeble creature with the wrinkling face of a chimpanzee.

I did not feel like London, so came back here at once afterwards. We start for Bridlington (four armoured boats) in a few days.

The photographs are, as you say, excellent beyond the wont of such things. Mrs. L.H. is flattered. You and I get off about par. Very good. I am sending one to China as proof of my health!

I cannot think of aught else to tell you - oh yes: I haven't seen that angry review of my Odyssey. Do send it; if it's amusing. About time somebody stood up for Homer. I've wanted to do it myself.

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