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Updated July 2012

T. E. Lawrence to K. W. Marshall

13 Birmingham St.


Dear M.

I will do which you please - either write a general note, or answer the particular enquiry of all or any of the people to whom you name me as a reference. It is for you to say, but I fancy the second is the likely to be the more impressive way with smaller people. They will like to get a personal letter. Or wouldn't they? God perhaps knows. Ask Greenwood.

July and Clouds Hill sound a promising combination. A word of warning. Since last visit the cottage has changed, somewhat. The bed is thrown out. There are two sleeping bags, six loose blankets, and a shabby quilt. Many sheets. A large couch in the book-room, downstairs: enough cushions to pad a man's length of the floor, upstairs - and a narrow long floor-cushion in the food-room (ex-bedroom, upstairs). There are no cups or plates yet: but some are on order. I cannot say how long they will take to make them. Six knives, six spoons, six forks. A small kettle: no pots or pans. Enough towels. Not much water, the drought having halved the spring's yield. An axe: brushwood everywhere. The village as it was: one push-bike. You are very welcome. I will try to look in for an afternoon, but cannot promise. I am so seldom able to set eyes on it. Patience: next year I settle in. Keys now with the Knowles'.

Sun-bathing easy: and perhaps plunge-bath possible. It depends on the spring. We have built the tank, if only it will fill it. Bother this dry year! However there is the Lulworth sea, as yet too cold: but not dry.

The Sedition Bill will be a marvellous advertisement for anything
it opposes. What fools military men are!

Yes, I write about six letters daily. All of 'em to people who don't matter. It's a pleasure to hear from you sometimes, instead. You only write when there is a reason. Business letters are no trouble.



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Source: DG 803-4
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Last revised: 17 January 2006


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