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Updated July 2012

T. E. Lawrence to K. W. Marshall

13 Birmingham St.


Dear Marshall

It will by now be all over: I hope it was not too rude an experience. As I said, I think you are wise in taking the step: which isn't really, I hope, either a plunge or a responsibility, but just a good arrangement.

Don't be shy about asking me if ever you feel I could be useful. I'm sure that such an event will not be common!

The R.A.F. have kept me wandering about the earth for weeks now: but at last I have regained Southampton Water, where there are five new boats to run in, with 20 hours each.

If they will leave me to that, I shall be pleased for three weeks. Today was noble sunlight, and the boat behaved beautifully.

[name omitted] drew himself slowly and firmly upon me that day: and I have met him once and had a letter: to which I replied. Do not worry: I have seen his like, often. [name omitted] showed his disgust: but [name omitted] isn't really worth it, uncomfortable though his manner makes me. I am sorry, always, for the patently important. It must be terrible to be like that, don't you think?

Cheerio: we are healthy, and can be vulgar, I hope, when we feel inclined.

I've been reading R. Graves' book on Roman history. Hard-hearted and bloody: What a strange road R.G. has travelled. [one line omitted]


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Source: DG 801
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Last revised: 17 January 2006


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