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Updated July 2012

T. E. Lawrence to his mother



I sent you an account of the new Clouds Hill works in my last note, about a week ago. Here is a sketch-map to show you how they lie. I have marked in a line of what land, on the W. wide of the road, I want to lease from Godwin. He agrees, and the rent of £15 per annum is agreed to: but of course that is as far as it has got. I send him a telegram or two occasionally, just to keep my end up, but am not pressing him, for so soon as he does produce the lease my rent will begin - and his delay now is saving me money. What I have marked off is about three acres, so I am not getting it particularly cheaply - except that the land would fetch much more, if a row of bungalows was built on it. No news to tell you. I put it all in my last letter, and only send this separately in case it gets lost. I try to post the two letters by different ships, so that they shall get to you by two different couriers. Then if one goes, the other may not. Lady Astor, Mrs. Shaw and Mrs. Donnat often ask after you. I saw Mrs. Donnat lately, when I went to see Sir Herbert who is making only slow progress. He has not come up to London since his stroke.


Your last letter asks for a copy of Liddell Hart's book on me. It is heavy, and contains no criticism. He is a very good and keen military writer - but unfortunately my tactics and principles happen to support the theory of war which he urges, in and out of season.

I will send you a copy next time I get to Cape, in London - as he will give me a 5/- trade discount on its price! It is a dear book. I gave my copy to Sir H. Baker.


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Source: HL 390-92
Checked: jw/
Last revised: 15 February 2006


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