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Updated June 2012

T. E. Lawrence to G. Wren Howard

13 Birmingham Street


Dear Howard,

I confess to a lively apprehension of that potential worst-seller of yours. Please be careful of your puffs. One today said that it
contained some yet unpublished notes of mine. Not true. It may have some unpublished letters from me (few of my friends having yet given up their letters to the press) but that is different.

Few people, I fancy, could know there was a 'life' of them on the stocks and not agree to read it first, for probable errors of fact to correct. Had I read Lowell Thomas, how much trouble I would have been saved! My reading Liddell Hart's effort does not imply either approval or collaboration. I regret it and apprehend it, keenly.

I want to be assured about the title, too. He told me Lawrence like that. I must protest (and shall protest publicly, if you insist still) that Lawrence, for this generation, is D.H.L., an infinitely greater man than all of us rolled together. Inverted commas are not enough to avoid trespass on him. Please consider this carefully, or you'll get into deep water. Colonel 'Lawrence if you want to use that long name: or some clear indication that I'm no trying to arrogate to myself the use of D.H.L's name.

Yours ever,


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Source: DG 783-4
Checked: jw/
Last revised: 21 January 2006


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