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Updated June 2012

T. E. Lawrence to Lorna Norrington

13 Birmingham St.


Dear Lorna, I'm rotten at answering letters. Yours has waited days - but other people's have waited weeks - and it has been on my conscience, which carries so much load these days that it is growing corns. 

To-day we began running in the first of the big boats, the 37 ½ foot things that I think you would like to try driving. As it was the first day we went ever so gently, and stopped again and again to do little jobs on her: but I could see that she was likely to be very good boat. The wind screen and sliding windows are far better than the old ones.  

There are seven more after this one, and they want 20 hours running each. So the job will go on for the next six weeks. I hope you will be able to work in a visit before they finish. 

Of course these are not skittish craft, like the dinghies, but solemn and respectable cabin cruisers. Yet they are splendid to drive, in dirty water. They bounce!  

Yours sincerely

T.E. Shaw

Please give Mrs. Norrington my regards. Say that cruisers are warm and comfortable boats, very fit for winter driving.

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Source: DG 779-80
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