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Updated June 2012

T. E. Lawrence to R. G. Goslett

3 Birmingham St.,


Dear R.G.

You are an angel. The bath came, beautifully packed, with all its loose parts in another box. It sits in my garage - or garden shed - awaiting the arrival of its boiler-and-burner-and-tank. The erection of the whole unit is to be signalised by an open-to-all bathing festival, lasting one hour. All Clouds Hill will attend, stark naked.

Meanwhile we progress. My ram was publicly opened yesterday by the oldest (and only) inhabitant of Clouds Hill, with picturesque ceremony. It is the smallest ram in the world. Less than three hours after the opening ceremony the pipe (100 yards long) had filled and water began to flow into the cottage cistern. A pint came through in just four minutes. The oldest (and only) inhabitant took off his R.A.F. cap and drank the pint. It tasted of galvanised iron and red lead.

In case a pint in four minutes seems to you little for a bath, let me remind you that the ram works all the twenty four hours. I am planning a swimming pool and fountain in the lawn-to-be. The swimmer in the pool will be a gold-fish, chosen for his beauty and contentment with a solitary life. The fountains will be fountain-pen-fillers, concreted in the margin of the fish-swimming-pool.

Here is a cheque upon my overdraft, and I am deeply grateful to you for getting me so good a bath so cheaply. If ever you get near Dorsetshire, do call and turn on its stainless taps!

Clouds Hill, Moreton, Dorset.

That is it. The real centre of my world.




Cheque to you, as the bill is: if wrong please lodge a complaint and another will be sent! No receipt necessary. I lose them, only.

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Source: DG 775-6
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Last revised: 20 January 2006


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