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Updated June 2012

T. E. Lawrence to Rear-Admiral Snagge

E. Cowes, I of Wight


If you found a difficulty in addressing me, how insoluble is my problem in replying! So I've burked it. 

It seems that you and I are to lunch with Feisal on Friday, at the Hyde Park Hotel, at one o'clock. Your company will (or would) strengthen me for the ordeal; for I have no civil clothes even imaginable for Hyde Park, or its hotels: and airmen (unless in the company of unimpeachable correctness) find it hard to gain access to kings.  

So may we meet that midday and proceed in company? I trust so. But where will you be? The Admiralty? . . . perhaps. 23 Whitehall Court? Perhaps. Will you send me a line to make a meeting place. A note addressed A/c Shaw, c/o Sir Herbert Baker, 2 Smith Square, S.W.1, will find me on Thursday night or Friday morning. In fact if you have a slave who does your telephoning, a message can be phoned there: by looking up Baker, Sir Herbert, 2 Smith Square (he is a firm, and has offices as well) in the book.  

I hope this is manageable!

Yours ever,

T. E. Shaw 

Now remains the difficulty of an envelope to you. However, perhaps the 'Admiral' will carry all the responsibility!

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Last revised: 19 July 2008


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