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Updated June 2012

T. E. Lawrence to Clare Sydney Smith

I. of W.


Yes, you will miss the poor beasts, and they will miss you. That includes Squeak, if you leave her behind. Poor Leo will miss the R.A.F., too. Civil life is not all it is made out to be.

Tell me, when do you really expect to take wing? Do you go by trooper? God forbid, but I suppose you must, and it will not be the experience I had. I do not think I can ever quite forgive the Government its troop-ships.

Talking of ships, the Varis, Colin Cooper aboard, came here yesterday. So beautifully appointed a little yacht, with quite astonishing cabins and saloons, and a really good engine room. Capt. Chamberlain aboard, as Skipper, too.

We talked of the Biscuit, and he suggested that the yacht could fetch her up from Batten to Scott Paine's yard at Hythe. I jumped at the idea, for Batten are making difficulties about storing her, and at Hythe I could work on her, and make her all new again. It cannot be for just a while, as the yacht goes back to Thornycroft for finishing - but in the summer. That is very good. Perhaps there will be a Biscuit when you return and S.S. is C.S.O. at Coastal Area.

Does it not sadden you to think that Singapore is his last station? Thereafter he will be too great for one place to hold.

Coming to Manston - as soon as I finish here and move to England: and on Monday the first of these pinnaces should launch. Patience. It nears....


Tell P. Balfour that while the R.A.F. want me, I am happy.

S.S. - Sydney Smith
C.S.O. - Chief Staff Officer

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Source: GR 214-5
Checked: jw/
Last revised: 4 July 2006


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