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Updated June 2012

T. E. Lawrence to Clare Sydney Smith



Yes, those two quarry excursions were good and unexpected.

Since then I have seen Sir John Salmond, who told me that the doctors hold just a hope that their radium treatment may save his brother.

His conclusion, after a long talk, was that perhaps I ought to be posted to Felixstowe, and be at call of E.6., in the Air Ministry, whenever they wanted me. I am waiting now for him to give effect to this decision, and shall leave the Biscuit here behind me, meanwhile.

There is no truth, I think, in that Hollywood story - or, at least, if they are making a film of the Seven Pillars, they have not sent me any word. Anybody has a right to make such a film, and no consent from me is necessary for it is a legal maxim that there is no property in events. If a thing is true, it cannot be copyright.

I spent a few days in my cottage lately, and liked it. The quietness of it, and the having nothing that I must do, were like the quiet patches in a storm. However, Sir John's decision puts the cottage out of count for some time!



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Source: GR 209-10
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Last revised: 3 July 2006


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