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Updated June 2012

T. E. Lawrence to Clare Sydney Smith

Mount Batten


Here is Monday come, and my discharge due on Thursday, and not an indication from Air Ministry if I am to or not.

Extraordinary people.

I am carrying on as if to do, and have got rid of all my kit, except what I stand in. This last Saturday I ran a car-load of books, records, clothes and tools to my cottage, which is still in the throes of the builders, but looking peaceful despite it. I think it will do, as a harbour.

Gramophone already there, and the acoustics of the room wonderful. Strings are really 'woody' and ripe, in the cottage. All my records are there assembled, yards of them. But only a few books, as yet. The rest in London await the shelving's completion.

If my discharge comes I move to the cottage on Thursday, and to London on Friday. To Nottingham, Saturday and Sunday. So no Salcombe for me, I'm afraid.

If the discharge does not come through I will send five telegrams of cancellation and remain at Batten, very happy to see you and help you to biscuit!

To-night I am for London, to see Philip Sassoon by his arrangement. Return to-morrow night. How we gad about! Saw Lady Astor last night. She was asking after you. Ah, dear, I shall be glad when I know what is to be



Should I not be at Batten when you come, F/sqd. Sommers is your best help. I will give him word about petrol, oil, and crane - The G/C can tell W/C Andrews that it's all regular! The Biscuit is going beautifully.

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Source: GR 207-8
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Last revised: 3 July 2006


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