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Updated June 2012


T. E. Lawrence to Clare Sydney Smith

Mount Batten

Wed, 29.III.33.

This is a scribble before work begins, your letter having just arrived. I'm going to write you in five minutes suggesting that we put it off till after I leave the R.A.F. There will be only too much time then! And I shall probably be suggesting myself to first one and then another house, for week-ends, out of boredom.

[. . .] is a noisy cheerful lad, but not influential: and I'd rather not bring him in. As for Philip Sassoon, give him my very best messages, if you see him; and say that I'm looking forward to meeting him soon. But I am not going to bother him over my private affairs. You see, I have less than two years to do, at the best; and Batten won't do; and it isn't worth while trying to start in a new station at the eleventh hour. So out, out . . . I saw G.S. one night, the week before last, and explained to him how I stood; saying that if there was any special work (boats or otherwise) for which the C.A.S. wanted me particularly - then I was at disposal: but I was not prepared to remain longer at station duties.

Since then W/Cmdr. Andrews has heard from Ellington and I'm to leave on the 6th of April. So I shall not be here when you come. The Biscuit will be, and she is yours; you know how to work the poor boat! I had her down yesterday and the day before, and she was running fairly: only 2000 revs; instead of 2300 (some trifle of timing or carburettor which I have not time to trace, now) but fast over the water, and a great joy. I leave her here, and shall try to find a service owner for her. The poor little boat. I hate losing her.

I'm sorry: the trumpet has just gone. Do use the boat, if you are here. I should like the notion of that.



G. S. - Sir Geoffrey Salmond
C.A.S. -Sir John Salmond, Chief of Air Staff
Ellington - Marshal of the R.A.F. Sir Edward Ellington

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Source: GR 205-7
Checked: jw/
Last revised: 3 July 2006

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