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Updated June 2012

T. E. Lawrence to Jonathan Cape


Dear Cape,

Here is Ian [McKinnon], complete from his first page to the last of his story, on his page 52; and to it I have pinned his last few pages, a dissertation upon the manners and customs of Syria. I think he much esteems these notes; but they seem to me neither science nor romance. Perhaps I know Syria too well to be thrilled: perhaps you will look at these last pages and say what you think. If you want them done out into straight text like the story, then send them back and I will do them; but they seem to me less happy and rather an overweight.

I have added one sentence to the end of the story, on my page 62, to save it ending in the air, with the absurd rehash of Munchausen. Why the idiot tacked this yarn on to the tale of a serious and veracious story of his life, God alone knows. I rather like the quirk to end it; but it is queer.

Books in payment. I have earned them, I think. Will you please pack in a case and send by rail to any one of the three or four stations in Plymouth? Addressed to A/C Shaw, R.A.F., Mount Batten, Plymouth. And you will greatly delight His Majesty's airmen.

Title and nom-de-plume of author are to be your work. Please ignore the editor, wholly and completely and for ever.

How hard it is to type with cut fingers.

Yours ever


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Source: DG 766
Checked: jw/
Last revised: 18 January 2006

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