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Updated June 2012

T. E. Lawrence to Clare Sydney Smith

Mount Batten


I owe you two letters, I see. However, if that was all I owed!

The Charles Men:... How quaint of you to want that. It is a Swedish prose-poem, translated into English and published in America some years ago! I had a copy in my library, but cannot now find it. A very unusual book, quite beautiful.

The Biscuit had a short run last week. Some defects showed, so she is under repair again.

I hope that G.S. week-end happens: I have had to throw my hand in, here, and am to go out on April 6. You will know how sorry that makes me.

Civies? My suit is in London, so unless I come by train it can't be done. Don't worry. The time is short.



G.S. - Geoffrey Salmond

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Source: GR 205
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Last revised: 3 July 2006

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