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Updated June 2012

T. E. Lawrence to Jonathan Cape

Mount Batten


Dear J.C., I have to apologise: you may have seen that we indulged in another Iris Flying Boat crash here. As usual I went out with the rescue boat, and the aftermath has kept me busy. So the Clyde apprentice was neglected for a while. However he began again last week, and if no further luxuries interfere should proceed regularly. A fortnight? I don't know. Possible

Ref. your last letter: I don't like Arabic titles. Doesn't the publisher usually decide it? The essence of this diary is its Englishness - or perhaps he would say its Scottishness?

Take no action re books, please, till all the revise is with you. In the R.A.F. we guarantee nothing - except the unexpected.

Yours ever,


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Source: DG 762
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Last revised: 19 July 2008

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