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Updated June 2012

T. E. Lawrence to Clare Sydney Smith

Mount Batten:


I was asking about the weather prospects, and wondering if I should wire and suggest the past week-end when Iris crashed - and we have been working since. The last of her wreck was pulled into the hangar yesterday. Now there is the Court of Inquiry and then the Inquest. I seem to specialise in Iris crashes.

The power-boat did well. From our breakwater she reached the crash (⅞ths of a mile) in 1 m. 58 secs. This is a 400 per cent improvement on the 238 crash, when 700 yards took 4 minutes. As usual, having arrived, there was nothing to be done. I am putting in another moan upon salvage equipment.

Now the coming week-end is impossible, there being a board (T.T.) at Calshot, and half the Marine Section at it. The week-end after next, the last of the month is my next chance. Let me know by the Wednesday before if it is convenient, please. Rough arrangements with the G.C. were for me to reach Worthydown under my own steam, and then be picked up by a Moth. I think 2 p.m. should be our time of leaving Worthydown. It will take me quite a while (170 miles) to get there - starting at 9. I should do it by 1.15.

I'll try and get news of the quarantine. I have never heard of a loophole to avoid it: but I believe you have a choice of vets with whom to leave the dog.

Very busy,


TT - Technical Training
GC - Group-Captain

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Source: GR 199-200
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Last revised: 3 July 2006

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