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T. E. Lawrence to G. W. M. Dunn



Dear Dunn,

I went to my cottage last Saturday: but it was all upset. There is a local builder doing his best to repair the roof, and all that kind of thing! So I couldn't find the Wilfred Owen: or at least, all I found was his Sassoon edition, and I'd rather give you the Blunden edition which is fuller.

Of the Hopkins, I found two copies: one was the large paper, with the portraits: the other this scruffy little edition. However it is not much disfigured with finger-marks or rude notes: and all the text is there. So please accept it as pis aller.

I should have sent the large paper and kept this, I know: but Hopkins is a fine poet and I value him - The Deutschland and the Epithalamion are both sustained efforts. Some of his 'to orders' and his devotionals are a bit laborious, I feel: but every now and then he is astonishing. Very 'repressed-sexy',* I feel. Celibacy has its dangers!



*homo -?

Source: DG 753
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Last revised: 21 January 2006

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