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T. E. Lawrence to Clare Sydney Smith

Mount Batten:


This is written in a hurry, between breakfast and work. I will try and write better in a few days, when I send you a copy of my beastly Odyssey, which is just on the point of appearing.

I can't come next week-end. There is an incometax case of the R.A.F. Memorial Fund down for hearing on Friday and Saturday (11th and 12th, I think) and I am to stand-to as witness, in London.

Singapore is good news. I believe it is interesting, pleasant, comfortable... but a very expensive place. Better than the Persian Gulf as a living station. Not so interesting and historic as an area to supervise.

I had a hectic and curious time at Hythe, Bridlington, Calshot, Dover and what not (including Donibristle in Scotland!) during my motor-boat period. It came to an end suddenly, owing to an article in a Sunday newspaper, which frightened the Air Ministry. When S. is C.A.S. do ask him not to be easily frightened of the Press.

Batten has not changed, outwardly. I am now in Marine Section and working mainly on engines.

Enough. Everybody else is getting up and rushing up and down, clearing the hut. I must, too.


Source: GR 189-90
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Last revised: 3 July 2006

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