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T. E. Lawrence to C. J. Greenwood



Dear Greenwood

Marshall has just sent me on your letter about my R.A.F. notes. It is very good of you to have taken this trouble. I can't say, of course, what is to become of this MS. The R.A.F. do not want it read, much less published. My notion was to print perhaps a dozen copies, none for sale, only to preserve what I think has a little merit as a picture of the Air Force of ten years ago. 'Services of the Crown' are so seldom created, that this view of the sucking years of the R.A.F. should have some technical interest.

Meanwhile, of course, I cannot say. Peter Davies estimated much the same, some years ago. My difficulty is not the money, but Air-Staff permission.

If anything happens I will tell you. I hope your publishing goes not too hopelessly: that is all any publishers in England today expects. What a season you chose for your start!

Have just read Hanley's Ebb and Flood. A very fine effort. He has definitely enlarged his range, in it. There are good books coming from him. I hope his head keeps above water, too.


T. E. Shaw

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Last revised: 2006

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