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T. E. Lawrence to Clare Sydney Smith


May 19. [1932]

I scribble a line to-night to my two female correspondents - Mrs. Shaw and Mrs. Smith - to warn them that 'dinghies' are 'up.' I do about ten hours in them and on them daily, and that will go on till all 8 are as perfect as the Works can be persuaded into making them.

In the intervals of leisure I look after the little tank boat, and the two armoured boats.

On June 4 I am to come to Dover with the little tank boat, for it to refuel 20 Squadron during their six-weeks attachment to Dover. That sounds to me like Manston for a week-end. I shall be free for at least 24 hours then - and not afterwards till July.
The news about Basra is good, on thinking it over. If it must be, then the sooner the better.

I'm sorry about Whitsun. I spent it yachting - in three dinghies, to be exact. Quite hard work, too, for one of them was addled.


Source: GR 187-8
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Last revised: 3 July 2006

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