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T. E. Lawrence to Clare Sydney Smith

Myrtle Cottage,
John Street,

27 Jan. 1932.

This is scandalous. I have just realized that it is weeks since I wrote to anyone, and there is a litter of papers expecting action all round me.

Your first letter was difficult for me to answer. I could talk to you better, I think. Noel Coward is in S. America, and G. B. S. in S. Africa, so that time does not press. Perhaps we can leave it till I see you next.

I have taken root in Hythe, almost. The Air Ministry want to adopt a hydraulic oil-motor engagement of gears, in the 200 class, and for weeks we have been re-designing and modifying the systems offered us. I hope it is nearly finished. It has been very difficult.

I have orders, also, to write a handbook on the 200 boats. This shows me how little I know. Between these jobs my days and my nights are wholly occupied. Hence I neglect everything else. No music; no books. All work, they say, is dulling. At least it leaves me unconscious of time and neighbours.

I hope Manston is not dragging in these winter days. If only I could give you half my work!

Last Saturday I saw S/M Furner off on the troopship for Basra. He was cheerfully expecting the G/C to get there this year. Have you any news?

S/Ldr. Lloyd's fat brother is flying a new Sarou amphibian at Caishot.

When my toils finish themselves - or I finish them - I shall try for you again. A Moth could land at Hamble, I think?


Source: GR 178-9
Checked: jw/
Last revised: 2 July 2006

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