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Updated June 2012

T. E. Lawrence to Nancy Astor



Dear Peeress,

Indeed and I was asleep & abed. How good of the Corporal to tell you! We had a hard 7½ hours run down from Southampton here in our motor-boat, got in before 7 P.M., ate, made down our beds, and slept nobly till Sunday morning.

Now I hope to be at Mount Batten for a month. Ring me up (before 10 P.M. if possible) and we will meet.

No pillion. The new Traffic Act puts pillion-affording beyond modest means, and forces the love-sick to screw nasty iron-spring-things to their back mudguards.

No speed-boat either, now. I have much testing of the R.A.F. boat still to do, and cannot put my own pet in the water till that is all done.

So you will have to make do with my undistinguished person, unaided except by an anglo-irish tongue.

Au revoir


Source: DG 722  
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Last revised: 3 February 2006  

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