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Updated June 2012

T. E. Lawrence to Bruce Rogers



Dear B.R.

Just back here. I make Book XXI 3960 words long, about .* It begins 'For...' I hope to let you have it on Thursday or Friday, but I have still a fortnight's testing of this boat before me, and am harried and weary in mind and body.

Book XXII will begin 'Therewith... ' or 'Then...'

Book XXIII must begin 'But it was...'

Book XXIV will begin 'Hermes, the Cyllenian,...'

I will do all I can to get up to London - not this week end, but the next - June 20-22. I am so sorry that you go with the work undone. It is really all roughed out, and with any ordinary fair play I could have finished it in Feb. or March: yet now it will be July, for June is going, going and the boat still on my hands. I feel that I daren't skimp the last chapters, after trying so hard all through to do my best. It is better to be late than be careless, it seems.

The 28th Odyssey -at least! My hat. There will apparently be one every 5 years, ad infinitum - or have the four years I have spent brought ours tumbling upon the heels of poor 29?


*and we can easily vary it back and forth, if in the copy you tell me how much longer or shorter you would have it be.


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