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Updated June 2012

T. E. Lawrence to Bruce Rogers


Dear B. R.

I am in Hythe for perhaps a fortnight wore, watching the assembly (and soon performing the trials) of a new R.A.F. motor boat.

This business has held me up for weeks, and goes on.

Meanwhile your letter finds me. I shall try and polish off XXI to Miss Saunders in a week, but I cannot promise. Often in the evenings I am too tired to read. Here are my notes on translating the Odyssey, copied from the back of the book, over the fly-leaves of which I scribbled my comments as I worked at it. I wonder if you will find them mean anything? Use anything you like, and extract anything there is in former letters - though I should like to see such items before they gain the dignity of print. One writes freely, sometimes!

I am sorry to be so slow. Your letter had to come on, and my notes had to be fair-copied and arranged.


T E Shaw.

Alas, I've corrected my draft twice over, so that it is now a dirty text. Perhaps Miss S. will be able to read it, yet! Please beg her to accept the dirty sheets as an autograph. Mine was once worth half-a-crown, before I signed it too often!

Source: BR1 [78]
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Last revised: 15 July 2006

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