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Updated June 2012

T. E. Lawrence to S. C. Rolls

Mount Batten,

8th April 1931

Dear Rolls,

You will have been calling me every kind of a skug, for not answering - and I have been doing the service test of a new R.A.F. fast motor boat, and no letters were sent on.

It is exceedingly good of you to have written. I've wondered often where you were, and Goslett has made faint efforts to find you. Once we thought of having some sort of a meeting in London to feed each other: only everybody is scattered or lost. I hardly see anyone now, except Colonel Alan Dawnay, who looks me up sometimes. It was a long time ago, that was, wasn't it?

In the last two years since I came back from India I've been twice through Northampton and I'll try and see you this summer during my leave. I always look in at Nottingham on the chap who makes my motor-bike, and that's your way. I'm like you - not fond of writing letters.

I'm glad that life hasn't broken you. I'm cheerful but generally shortish on a Thursday. This Air Force life is full of incidents and it keeps me busy and happy. One cannot expect good pay for happiness. 

You are probably married and have eleven children: if so I think it's a bit more than I'd like.

Gosh: you wrote me four pages. I honestly can't: but if ever I get to your place I'll talk for four hours. It will be queer to see you without about three days beard on each of our faces. We were a scruffy sort of crew: but we did quite a lot of damage to our enemies.

Yours ever

T. E. Shaw

'Shaw' it is, always now, and no Mr. about it please. That colonel touch is dead and buried.

Source: DG 716-717  
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Last revised: 3 February 2006  

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