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T. E. Lawrence to Clare Sydney Smith


Your letter did not find me till 4 o'clock, and this is scribbled while Cpl. Murren waits. Passport and mail (all except ½d. ones) enclosed. Instructions had been left with Cpl. Murren to forward nothing. Please send fresh orders for after Wednesday. Two parcels go to-night and the pheasants. There is a C.O.D. for 6/9 waiting. Do you want it?

I have told Squeak about your Paris trip. She says if Mrs. Stanley S. will provide her with clothes she will agree to come too! Meanwhile she is in bed. Doctor Thorpe says "up to-morrow" but not out-of-doors till her throat is quite easy. She isn't barking and is quite happy and very much amused. Weather dank and beastly.


I've forgotten to hope that Paris will be a success. I never liked it greatly, but then, there were political reasons for that!


Source: GR 127-8
Checked: jw/
Last revised: 1 July 2006

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