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T. E. Lawrence to Ernest Thurtle


Dear E.T.

I am grateful for your trouble taken. I think your suggestion about a question in the House might be good, and can do no harm. The fellow you put up should ask the U/S of S for Air for my movements and stations (with dates) from Jan 1926 to date: or else ask with reference to the Russian statements (the press will prick up their ears then) the dates of my departure for and return from India, and the stations I was posted to in India, with information as to what leave, if any, I had during my service in India - because I took no leave, to prevent silly stories of my activity arising.

I agree that a fact or two may make no difference in this trial in Russia: but the trial is being conducted also in the press of many countries, some of them so hostile to Russia that they will seize upon any point to her discredit.

It would be most tactful if you would ask Montague whether he resented this, before having the question popped.



Source: DG 707
Checked: jw/
Last revised: 31 January 2006

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