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T. E. Lawrence to Ernest Thurtle

Mount Batten


Dear E.T.

I am rather troubled over this Russian business, where some unfortunates are being tried for, amongst other things, treasonably associating with me as British Government Agent in London in 1927!

I know they do not much believe any English official word: but I was demonstrably in India all the time from December 1926 to February 1929. Would it be any good getting some private person they trust to tell them so? Or could anything be done? They may hang these poor creatures for all I know, else: and I would like to do something for them, if there is anything. Now Lord Thomson is gone the Air Ministry will not be so tender on my subject.

Yours sincerely

T E Shaw

Source: DG 707
Checked: jw/
Last revised: 31 January 2006

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