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T. E. Lawrence to Bruce Rogers

Royal Air Force


Dear B.R.

I am so sorry things have become difficult. I had no notion they were like that.

I'll do my best to finish the Odyssey by March and will do it, subject to the R.A.F. leaving me alone to work all my spare time. It will, of course, he done as well as I can do it. Miss Saunders shall have more to type next week.

I have suggested to Winston that he should get into touch with you, about the format of Marlborough. It will be an important book, and his suggested page did not appeal to me. Smug, I thought it and rather dull.

Now that the press has learned your method, I see no reason why they should not do nearly all the setting, just leaving you to do the final touches. I wish I could get along quicker. You could draw three roundels while I do one book!

I hope Mrs. Rogers is making progress. I will, try and see you before the end of the year: but must be in the last four books first.


T E Shaw

By the way, in Book XVII, where Telemachus for whole pages tells Penelope of his visit to Menelaus, I have abridged - by about 20 per cent. I think. I hope you will agree, when you read it.


I have been quick. The stuff is not as bad as I had feared. XIII is quite decent. I have prepared up to XXI; and finished XVIII, all bar fair copying. So you may have it all by March, yet.


Source: BR1 [65-6]
Checked: jw/
Last revised: 14 July 2006

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