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T. E. Lawrence to Clare Sydney Smith


The Adjutant told me this morning that poor Banner is very ill with poisoning. This is terrible. I like the poor beast so much, and he was so enjoying his holiday. What a shame to leave such stuff about. I hope he will get over it, without being damaged. He says he is a little better to-day. I suppose it must have happened yesterday. Tell him I am so sorry.

The Biscuit has burned out its dynamo, which has gone to London for re-winding, if possible. I had hoped to come over to you yesterday, but as it is, there is nothing to be done. The boat is considerate to have broken down while I go on leave. I am just starting. It drizzles. I shall be so glad to get back.


Source: GR 118-9
Checked: jw/
Last revised: 1 July 2006

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