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T. E. Lawrence to Clare Sydney Smith

Monday, [August] 15th. [1930]
[second letter that day]

This will get you before you start, I hope. Leo is excellently well, and in very good appetite. A little squarish biscuit called 'custard creams' gives him a great deal of joy. So long as he gets occasional chocolates to breed variety. He runs all over the camp with me. Squeak is not quite so happy. When she came back from the Admiral's she was all right, but this morning there were all the signs of a cold, and she barked a little. So she stayed in bed. I think you will find her up to-morrow; but no school till Wednesday or Thursday perhaps. Mrs. (S/Ldr.) Jones informed.

Brown-Williams opened up your car batteries. They were hopelessly gone - both plates badly buckled, and quite beyond repair. I told him to throw them away. The question of new ones we can settle after you get back. I hope the old battery will see you through to-morrow. No news, whatever. The gramophone is in Workshops, being overhauled. They have not yet found its fault. It is wobbling badly in tone. I hope to have it running again by the time you get back.


The Admiral - Admiral the Hon. Sir Hubert Brand. His daughter and Squeak were friends.


Source: GR 106-7
Checked: jw/
Last revised: 1 July 2006

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