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T. E. Lawrence to Clare Sydney Smith


I saw Squeak this afternoon. She was blooming but complained that solitary life was dull. To-day she goes to tea with the Jones family. She has not taken any of the officers to the pictures in Plymouth, because it is difficult to find a single one: meaning that they go in pairs, usually, and she feels not able to entertain two. I had planned to take her out to-morrow, but will not unless the weather is too wet for a sinful indulgence promised me by a millionaire.

Horace's brother is filling all Gregory's bed in hut VI and makes all the E. end of the hut look raffish. A very leering beast. It is rough windy wet and cold. So no water-sports to-day! and to-morrow, with Sund. and part of Monday I shall (weather permitting) be absent. The Biscuit sits in her shed. Launch on Tuesday, perhaps, if the seas go down.

It was the other Iris which failed to get off under extra load: not Mr. Maxton's.

 This goes to Regent's Park, though you will be in Cromwell Road. However, what's that!

In London I bought two or three rather nice records: smooth and quiet things. All strings. The gramophone is still in the Fisherman's Arms.


And on Wednesday I go to Malvern. Life is nearly as hectic as the newspapers make it. They swear I am revolting in Kurdistan.

Note: The Jones family - Squadron-Leader J.0.H. and Mrs. Jones and their daughter Hermione.                                               

Source: GR 105-6
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Last revised: 1 July 2006

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