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T. E. Lawrence to Clare Sydney Smith

14, Barton Street,

Thursday [14 August 1930]

We had two most excellent runs -and I like crossing England by road. So they go on the credit side.

As for going back by train - that is a thing I often do. No novelty, yet certainly no penalty: and I could not well stay in London till Tuesday. Probably I would get into trouble before that.

Yesterday lunched with Philip Sassoon and Noel Coward, and went on to a rehearsal of a new play. That would be considered a bit above myself by Lord T.

While at Cranwell I had to refrain from saying "Biffy" to my Commanding Officer: so I try, at Mount Batten, not to get into the habit of Sydney and Glare. Remember I have to say "W/Gomdr. and Mrs. Smith" 50 times a day: and the crowd wouldn't like it if my tongue slipped! That's the (very sensible) reason for being so foolishly formal



Give Horace a rub with chalk, and my love, please.

Source: GR 102-3
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Last revised: 1 July 2006

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