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Updated June 2012

T. E. Lawrence to W. A. Knowles

R.A.F. Mount Batten


It is very good of you to keep the place warmed occasionally. More books go to you almost at once. You'll find some of the packets have quite decent things amongst them - though generally they are what the troops call my 'binders'.

I wish I had the cottage near this camp. For the last four days we have endured an agony of cold.

Is Pat still there? My regards, if within reach. Poor E.M. Forster has lost nine of his trees (he has a plot of ground, too, in Surrey) and is miserable about it. I gloated back at him that all my old wrecks still stood firm. But is it firm? This N. wind will try
them bitterly.

There are lots more books likely to follow. Let me know when the shelving gets full: and then try and find me a chippy to run shelves like the present, but in oak, the full depth and height of the chimney-breast, on each side. That will hold 500 books. Years yet.

Chingford, my other patch of ground, is not yet sold. So I am temporarily financially embarrassed. Good for me. I stay in camp and translate Greek, instead of gadding about the earth.



Pull Bill's leg for me, please.

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