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Updated June 2012

T. E. Lawrence to H. G. Hayter

338171 A/C Shaw
R.A.F. Mount Batten


Dear Hayter

Alas, our kidney and bean at Lyons will have to wait. I am up to the neck in Greek, again, the next section of that stuff I used to wire into at Miranshah. They gave me a hundred for what I did out there: on that I made merry all last summer (with that and the Schneider Cup, to which I was clurk) and now I'm broke, and chasing hard at the second hundred. Till it comes I can't do London - not much before May, I think.

Life here goes smoothly. In November I had a tiff with Lord T. our present boss. He tried to sling me out: I double-crossed him. So am airmanning on. Our C.O. here is a treat. Grub is better than Miranshah grub: Plymouth is a rotten hole; the sea is lovely, in summer, and hell in winter: and it's work work work. I wish Greek had never been invented.

An Italian bad-hat dashed me one of these electric gramophones: and it sits in our hut. Everybody else plays it very well. Greek Greek Greek for me. All the same that portable was good at Miranshah. I hope yours is doing its stuff.

I ought to write to Corpl. Easton: indeed I ought: to how many people should I write? about 13426897438, I think. To how many will I write - perhaps 6 or 7. Alas. I am a miserable sinner.

Let me know about Heyford later. I was nearly sent there: and would like to know

1) Guards or Fire Pickets?
2) Drill Parades?
3) Equipment (I haven't drawn my blue yet!)? When worn?
4) Bullshit generally?
5) Weekends?

Just in case.


T.E. Shaw

Will pink envelopes float up Heyford way? Or are you married, and a monthly postcard?

Source: DG 676-7
Checked: jw/
Last revised: 31 January 2006

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