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Updated June 2012

T. E. Lawrence to W. H. Brook

338171 A/c Shaw
R.A.F. Mount Batten


Dear Brook

Don't believe more than 1/8th of any yarn you hear of me: or 1/16th if it is printed. I never do. They say I don't answer letters because I don't write letters without some good reason, or more than ten letters a week. Hang it all, a fellow, must sleep sometime! And letter writing is what the R.A.F. call a 'bind'.

Good for the proxy for the Christening! I hope the kid yells blue murder all the time. I should, if a padre picked me up and poured cold water on my face.

As for coming - yes, a Brough does eat up the miles: but I seldom go out of camp, for one reason and another, often financial! Brecon is not near Plymouth - not a Wednesday afternoon run: and I don't ever week end - so I shall not hope to turn up till I get my month's annual, in the late summer, perhaps. I will write you again before that.

As for Arabia - that was twelve years ago and I've got old and wise, and have forgotten it all. What a lovely place Rumm was! I believe nobody has been there since 1918.


T.E. Shaw

Source: DG 676
Checked: jw/
Last revised: 30 January 2006

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