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T. E. Lawrence to Bruce Rogers

[late December 1929]

Dear B. R.

You'll note my instincts to fuss wouldn't let well alone! Don't bother with these suggestions. One could go on prettying-up for ever. My translation has 14 revises before you get it!

The pages are very beautiful. This is going to be a BOOK. I like the roundel, very much. It is most rich and remarkable. I like the swagger capitals, too.

'Nack': no that must be wrong I think. Can you find out where it is, and quote me the sentence. I don't remember using even 'knack.'

When Miss Saunders sends back the two books she has, I'll copy out two more and forward them. That will be a merry Christmas for me, probably. We have 5 days holiday, and I hope to do half a book in that time. My rate works out pretty regularly at 5 lines an hour, for the finished text.

It will take me months yet to reach book 24! Here's two years gone, and I'm just half way.


My seasonal regards to Mrs. Rogers. Tell her that this Odyssey is going to look 'it.'

Source: BR1 [46]
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Last revised: 8 July 2006

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