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T. E. Lawrence to Bruce Rogers


Dear B. R.

I'm afraid I have not much in hand, ready for typing. I am working at it, doing about 40 hours a week: but that is only about 200 lines of finished stuff. It is a slow rate, 5 lines an hour.

Books VI and VIII go off with this letter (p. 57 - p. 73). I think they are better than most of the first six books. At least they seem to read well.

After this we come to the narrative of Odysseus, in which I'd like the style to quicken a little, and be business-like: only Homer, alas, was not of my view. It's all the same, all through.

The weather is very bad: we do much extra work therefore. Two of our motor boats were sunk last week Send me a page or two of page-proofs, when you next pass any good sheets. They will cheer me up. How goes the gold?



I hope you'll like these two books. They are the product of much work. I am well on in two more, but will not have them this side of Christmas.

Source: BR1 [45]
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Last revised: 8 July 2006

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