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T. E. Lawrence to Henry Williamson

76 words omitted

[23 August 1929]

It was very pleasant to see you, and Mrs. Williamson: and the kid! I'm always a bit sorry for children. We've had a hell of a bad time: so'll they, I suppose. Among my 1001 leave plans is a night or two with you in the new place: don't be alarmed. I can sleep on the doorstep, and your food is luxury itself, after the R.A.F. In 48 hours we could tear to pieces all contemporary books, and begin English literature with a new clean sheet!

In this camp one is always on duty: and I want to be able to look at and listen to trees and running water, at my leisure, with no whistles or parades to keep on interrupting.

Full text, 198 words, in Letters Vol. 9 p. 85.

Source: GOF 36
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Last revised: 5 July 2006

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