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T. E. Lawrence to Lord Lloyd



This disgusts me: first me, then you, G.L., what in God's name is the matter with our blasted governors? Thank the Lord the worst lot are out. Winston I liked, and Philip Sassoon: but if all the rest were drowning across the way in a ditch I wouldn't take the trouble to go over and push 'em under.

It's a magnificent bang, you've come out with: go to the National Portrait Gallery and look at the head of Warren Hastings, and learn how to grow old: but I've been sick at fearing how you would hate the ending of things. You haven't an Air Force to fall back on: only the mouldy House of Lords.

Let us meet sometime. I'm not a corpse, quite: but it's horrible being out. <


Note: Lloyd had resigned his post as British High Commissioner in Egypt

Source: DG 666-667
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Last revised: 8 March 2006


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