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T. E. Lawrence to Sydney Cockerell

July 29th, 1929

Dear C.

Statues are so different, unless someone quite first-rate does them. Epstein is the obvious choice, only he is not, I expect, a Hardy lover, and when he improvises he is not enchanting. Night, on the Underground House is lovely: and Day rather forced. The Hudson Memorial is a gem: and the Medical building is quite meaningless.

Dobson is a good sculptor, and might do something as beautiful as his Welsh War Memorial design: but he would hardly work to order. Kennington would do a fine design: but he never met Hardy. Gill – would Gill be good, do you think? It is embarrassing to have four good English sculptors: embarrassing and unusual!

Dorchester of course wants to possess T.H. Too late, poor things. He has assumed half Wessex for his own.

I hope to see the 2nd Applecart: 27th Aug. I think it is. A very difficult date for me, as I am one of the groundsmen for the Schneider Cup.

Yours ever


Source: SCC 369 (also DG 667-8)
Checked: jw/
Last revised: 1 January 2006

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