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T. E. Lawrence to Nancy Astor



Dear Lady Astor,

I do not know when, or with whom, I have ever maintained for so long so hot a correspondence. Clearly we are soul-mates.

Incidentally an American dealer pays £20 for interesting letters from me: so heaven knows the prices which infatuate collectors will give for yours. Are we worth it? I mean, aren't we rather wasting our sweetnesses on the already sweet?

I enclose the telegram, as it came to me. I had been in London, on R.A.F. business, and found it waiting my return. I said 'Goddes, who is it?' for necessity causes me to write about 50 letters a week, and some of them might have brought down terrible people to Cattewater. However, no one came. Peace.

Auf wiedersehen (Dirty dogs, they have stopped off poor Trotsky: penalties of success!)


Source: DG 665-666
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Last revised: 8 March 2006

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