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T. E. Lawrence to Henry Williamson

61 words omitted

[10 July 1929]

Noon Sat. to midnight Sunday is so short a week-end, but it is all we get, without special permission, and the seeking that sticks in my throat . . . If you see Sassoon to speak to, tell him that his book (novel) pleased me: but I'd lose it all for his worst poem.

All Quiet is the screaming of a feeble man. It will not last as long as Tarka, except as a document. Do not distress yourself about 'lasting': not even our bones do that, except momentarily. I think that to last is only to be in doubt longer.

Full text, 162 words, in Letters Vol. 9 pp. 77-8.

Source: GOF 27
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Last revised: 5 July 2006

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