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T. E. Lawrence to Ernest Thurtle



Dear Thurtle,

(Yet it doesn't sound right: M.P.'s are Misters surely, being our Masters).

I did not write after the election: there are so many M.Ps. that one can't write to all. I'd hoped too for some crumbs of office to come the way of the more vigorous Labour people: and am disappointed. Ramsay seems to be infected also by the safety play of his enemies. The country is prepared (longing, in fact) for someone to take just a tiny risk, for once.

Now the session has started, and I hope it will be educative. Unless the change of Government means a change of policy we'd better wash the Commons out and concentrate on the Civil Service.

I am hoping especially that you will let Trotsky into England: that you will make peace at once with Russia and the States: and that you will abolish the death penalty for cowardice in war. I have run too far and too fast (but never fast enough to please me at the time) under fire, to throw a stone at the fearfullest creature. You see, if I did, I might hit myself in the eye!

Cattewater is a good station, and we are happy-ish.

Remember me, some day if you see them, to Maxton and Malone. After the Schneider Cup race, after September, I hope to get leave and will then try to look you up.

Do you know Montague, the U.S. of S. for Air? Sassoon was very good and painstaking. I hope M. will shape well, in his place.


T.E. Shaw

Source: DG 660-661  
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Last revised: 31 January 2006  

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