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T. E. Lawrence to H.A. Ford



Dear Flight,

Here we are: and as for choking off the Press - he will be my friend for life who finds how to do that. I do nothing - and they talk. I do something - and they talk. Now I am trying to accustom myself to the truth that probably I'll be talked over for the rest of my life: and after my life, too. There will be a volume of 'letters' after I die and probably some witty fellow will write another life of me. In fact there is a Frenchman trying to write a 'critical study' of me, now. They make me retch - and that's neither comfortable nor wholesome. I have thought of everything, I think: to join a newspaper (they do not eat each other, the dogs) - but what a remedy for the disease: to emigrate - but those colonies are as raw as wood alcohol: to commit some disgraceful crime and be put away:- but I have some people whose respect I struggle to keep. I don't know.

Meanwhile here we are. Cattewater treats me very kindly, and I have work enough to keep me pre-occupied: and in the evening a musical box to discourse Beethoven and Elgar; Oh, a super-box, like a W/T set inside, with an exquisite smoothness and fullness of tone. I assure you, it is good.

I read your 9th Symphony score very often, trying to keep pace with the records. Music, alas, is very difficult. So are all the decencies of life.

In August I may be in Malvern. They are doing G.B.S.' new play there on Aug 19th.21.27. and 31. and Heartbreak House, a marvellous work of art, on 23. and 28. and I'd like to hear them. It is not sure, for the Schneider Cup may make me very busy about that time. But if possible I'll be there. Any chance of you? It is near Shrewsbury: perhaps I might come over one night?


T.E. Shaw

That snobbery 'He does not associate with the other airmen, except a few of the more intellectual' - God, it's poisonous. If I could get that reporter by the neck he would want a new one in 5 minutes.

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