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T. E. Lawrence to H. H. Banbury



Dear H.H.B.

Yes: seaplanes involve motor-boats, and so we grow 'webbed' toes. This camp stands in the sea. I think it will be lovely, if the sea gets hot and the sun too. Meanwhile I am still mainly conscious of the cold.

I have heard Carden Lloyds working. They crawl up and down Clouds Hill, to the temporary damage of its peace. However, what's temporary?

Yes, Lydd is on the sea-edge of beautiful country. You should be able to find plenty of appetite for driving around it. There is something about S. England which makes me, in every valley, on every ridge, say 'Oh, I want to have a room here, and sit in it looking and looking!' If my name was Rockerfeller, I'd have 3428 cottages, and spend my time flitting from one to the other (a different name in each) round every ten years spell of my unendurably long and slow life.

Three Persons wasn't as good as it seemed at first. The Wilson article left out of him his greatness - an extraordinary fellow he was. House was respectable and serious. Upon me he was irritating. He patronised me, I thought, damn him. What does he know about prose that he dares praise mine? [2 lines omitted]

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